Foreign Invasions and Destruction of Tiruvarur

Tiruvarur was captured by French troops led by Lally (1702–66 CE) in 1759 CE. The Tyagarajar temple was ransacked and destroyed for hidden treasure. During the destructive raid, six brahmins of the temple, were killed in an encounter. The province and Tanjore were annexed by the British after the failed attempt of the French to attack the King of Tanjore.

With the takeover by the foreign invaders, the enlightenment ecosystem or “Kailaasa” established by Paramasiva in this region of Tiruvarur was destroyed and continued to exist only at the soul level. All the social, political, religious, spiritual and economical legitimacy of Sanatana Hindu Dharma was removed and new Westernised systems were established, replacing the age-old traditional systems of Kailaasa. The enlightened civilization no long existed.